School lock down practice

We had our school lock down practice this morning and it went well in the classrooms as instructions were followed and students were calm. In our practice, we announce that a lock down is needed. At that time, every class practices being quiet in a corner of the room, away from the door. After a few minutes, we begin to account for all students and adults. Once everyone is accounted for, we announce that the lock down is over. We… Read More

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Our Mindset

Great reminder for us at NES – Change your Mind – Change your Mindset! We have phrases on our bulletin board that help us! Instead of ‘it’s good enough’…say “Is this my best work?” Instead of ‘I already know this’….say “I’m on the right track” Instead of ‘I can’t do math or reading’….say “I’ll use some of my strategies and make a plan to problem solve.” Instead of ‘this is too hard’…say “This might take some time and effort.” We’re… Read More

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We’re IN!

Grade 4s and 3K are IN the new addition!  A big thanks to all involved to make the classrooms ready for the students. As well, students are back into the music room and the library.  You’ll see the new sod is fenced off and it will remain so until late spring or early fall. We want the roots to be established before using the area. We’re excited and very pleased!

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Bag It Up Manitoba!

NES has been collecting bags since November 2015 and we will continue to collect bags until the end of October. So far, we have a total of 16,633 bags that will not be sitting in the landfill for the next 500 years. But there are still more bags out there so let’s collect them all. Please count them and bundle the bags in 9 and tie with the 10th bag or place 9 bags into another bag and label 10 on… Read More

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Principal’s Message – Oct. 2016

Carol Ann Tomlinson, an educator, writes that The Little Prince is her favorite book. I haven’t read it, but it’s about a boy (Little Prince) who is trying to find his way in a confusing world. He comes upon a fox and asks him to play with him. However, the fox says he can’t because he isn’t tamed and asks the Little Prince to tame him. The fox explained the process—that he would look at the boy out of the… Read More

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Grades 1-4 Strong Connections

On September 16 and 19, we will be having Strong Connections along with other HSD schools. Students will be scheduled to attend one of the two days. We have some exciting plans for the day! For half of the day, students will be connecting with their teacher in the classroom. For the other half of the day, Grades 1 and 2 students will be taking a bus to Steinbach, visiting the Jake Epp Library and participating at Flippers Gymnastics! Grades… Read More

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Welcome to Niverville Elementary

We’ve been busy getting the school ready for everyone! Our Meet the Teacher night is Tuesday September 6, 4:30-6:30. Families have been given times to meet the teacher and hear about the year ahead. Please bring school supplies and join us in the gym for free hotdogs, granola bars, and apples! We will also be collecting student activity fees that cover field trips and special activities in the classroom ($25 per child). Feel free to phone the school with questions.… Read More

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Niverville Fair Wristbands

Grade 4s had a wonderful surprise this morning! The Town of Niverville gave each Grade 4 student a Saturday wristband to the Niverville Fair!  Teachers also received one free. Thanks Town of Niverville for thinking of us!  

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Principal’s Message – June 2016

June is here and once again we ask where the school year went! We’ve been busy this year learning and relating to each other and we have seen evidence of student growth academically and socially. We know students have developed in foundational skills and have asked ‘I Wonder’ questions for which they found many answers! They have made gains in learning how to be a learner. Teachers and staff are delighted with the effort students have made to be the best they can be! Some students shared a few of their highlights from this year. Here are some of their thoughts! … READ MORE >

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NES Community Engagement – Sharing Stage

Beginning on April 28, 2016, Niverville Elementary School will facilitate a community engagement through the online group insight platform, Thoughtexchange. We invite all parents/guardians of children attending our school  to take part in this unique and exciting opportunity to share their thoughts. Contribute to the conversation, and help our school identify community-shared priorities, appreciations, and concerns.  The results of this engagement will help inform future decisions at the school and divisional levels. Participation is voluntary but as our partners in… Read More

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