PAC works to support the school through fundraising and opportunities for students. PAC is responsible for our hot lunch program, and also purchases equipment such as the gym climbing wall, the sensory walk and outdoor equipment.

We are looking for new members! Have you ever wondered what PAC does? Join us at our next PAC meeting to find out. Our PAC meetings are chaired by the PAC president, and joined by the executive team, teacher representative and principal. In our meetings we discuss current school matters, upcoming events and fundraising opportunities. Parent representation has been dwindling in the last two years, and we need your help! Parents do not need to be available during the day to participate. If you have any questions, please contact us at

Parent Advisory Council Executive

Co-Chair – Dawna Anderson & Kristina Krahn
Vice-Chair – Megan Sawatzky
Treasurer – Casey Meijer
Secretary – Erin Reimer
Fundraising Coordinator – Vacant
Hot Lunch Coordinators – Leanne Thiessen

PAC Meeting Schedule / Minutes

NES Parent Council Constitution