Ordering for the fall session is now closed. Ordering for the winter session will open in December. Please note that food orders for any hot lunch session cannot be placed before the session has opened, or after the session has closed.

  • Fall Session 2017
  • Winter 2018
  • Spring 2018

Hot Lunches for Fall Session

Oct. 5Pizza Day
Oct. 19Subway Day
Nov. 2Hamburger / Hot Dog Day
Nov. 16Mac & Cheese Day
Nov. 30Pizza Day
Dec. 14Subway Day

Ordering Lunch

To order hot lunch – go to our ordering website at http://www.munchalunch.com/schools/niverville. Dates are subject to change, please consult the MunchaLunch website.

If your child is absent on hot lunch days and you still wish to receive it, please contact the school by 11 AM to make arrangments. Regretfully, we are unable to refund hot lunch money.

If classes are cancelled due to school closure, hot lunch will take place the following Thursday.

For all hot lunch questions or concerns contact Hot Lunch Coordinator at neshotlunch@gmail.com

Parent Volunteers
10 parent volunteers are needed each hot lunch date. If you can give us an hour of your time, please e-mail our Volunteer Coordinator at neshotlunch@gmail.com

Winter 2018 Lunch Schedule

January 11, 2018Pizza Day
January 25, 2018Hamburger & Hot Dog Day
February 8, 2018Subway Day
February 22, 2018Boston Pizza Pasta Day
March 8, 2018Pizza Day
March 22, 2018Subway Day

Spring 2018 Lunch Schedule

Ordering dates for the spring session are March 7 – 16.

April 5, 2018Hamburger & Hot Dog Day
April 19, 2018Subway Day
May 3, 2018Pizza Day
May 17, 2018Boston Pizza Day
May 31, 2018Subway Day
June 14, 2018Pizza Day