Our Mindset

Great reminder for us at NES – Change your Mind – Change your Mindset! We have phrases on our bulletin board that help us! Instead of ‘it’s good enough’…say “Is this my best work?” Instead of ‘I already know this’….say “I’m on the right track” Instead of ‘I can’t do math or reading’….say “I’ll use some of my strategies and make a plan to problem solve.” Instead of ‘this is too hard’…say “This might take some time and effort.” We’re… Read More

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We’re IN!

Grade 4s and 3K are IN the new addition!  A big thanks to all involved to make the classrooms ready for the students. As well, students are back into the music room and the library.  You’ll see the new sod is fenced off and it will remain so until late spring or early fall. We want the roots to be established before using the area. We’re excited and very pleased!

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Principal’s Message – Oct. 2016

Carol Ann Tomlinson, an educator, writes that The Little Prince is her favorite book. I haven’t read it, but it’s about a boy (Little Prince) who is trying to find his way in a confusing world. He comes upon a fox and asks him to play with him. However, the fox says he can’t because he isn’t tamed and asks the Little Prince to tame him. The fox explained the process—that he would look at the boy out of the… Read More

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Principal’s Message – June 2016

June is here and once again we ask where the school year went! We’ve been busy this year learning and relating to each other and we have seen evidence of student growth academically and socially. We know students have developed in foundational skills and have asked ‘I Wonder’ questions for which they found many answers! They have made gains in learning how to be a learner. Teachers and staff are delighted with the effort students have made to be the best they can be! Some students shared a few of their highlights from this year. Here are some of their thoughts! … READ MORE >

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We’re back from Spring Break, and we’re ready to go strong for the next three months! There are a variety of activities planned and lots to learn before the school year is over. On April 13th we will participate in the Canadian Red Cross DAY OF PINK. Team NOVA will help with this assembly and there are plans to get the teachers up and moving!  This assembly will emphasize the importance of our school being an emotionally and physically safe… Read More

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Principal’s Message – February 2016

Nova News On Tuesday, February 2nd Team NOVA, Mrs. Pauls, Mrs. Stewart, and Mrs. Hiebert presented at the HSD Board Meeting. They shared the journey of how Team NOVA came to be and their upcoming plans. Our focus in Term 2 is ‘The School’ and students have volunteered to be Gr. 1 lunch monitors, door greeters, and newsletter writers. It will be a fun and engaging second term! Students shared some of their thoughts on the evening. • It was… Read More

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Principal’s Message – January 2016

January 2016 is here! Our new NES website has been launched and you will see it now matches the HSD website. Check it out for the latest in information, important dates, and current student news! It will soon grow into being our school’s strongest communication/information tool. By February we will be on ‘Twitter’ and you’ll see ‘tweets’ from our school. As we move into our winter term, student learning continues to grow. Students are asking more ‘wondering questions’ as they… Read More

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Team Nova Making a Difference

Team Nova is a our new Grade 4 Student Voice Group! These students spent time thinking about what their name should be. They followed the ‘star’ theme of our school and came up with… Nova (“a nuclear explosion that causes the suddening brightening of a star”). So far this year they have shone brightly, as they helped with Drive Away Hunger, written about Peace for our November newsletter, and shared the peace comments at our Remembrance Day assembly! In December… Read More

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